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Natura Sugars Demerara Icing Sugar

Product Information

✓ Natural unrefined cane sugar
✓ Carefully crafted without added colourants, additives or preservatives
✓ No added syrups
✓ Unbleached
✓ Non-GM
✓ Non-Irradiated


Product information

A fine powdered sugar of a warm golden colour carrying the distinctive caramel taste of Demerara sugar

Crafted to lock in, rather than refine out the natural molasses of the sugarcane juice, Natura Sugars are made the traditional way without added colourants, additives or preservatives – just as nature intended. Made from lush ripe canes cultivated in the tropical island of Mauritius

Good for:

Buttercreams and frostings, macarons, confectionery and adding a beautiful dusting to pavlovas, cupcakes and cakes. 

Try this delicious recipe: