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Senqu River Pistachios 250g


Fresh from the pistachio farm in Prieska, Senqu River Pistachios get their incredible flavour from the waters of the mighty Orange River. Until recently, local pistachios were just a dream – that was until Rina Coetzee and her husband planted the trees on their farm 20 years ago. They are only now seeing the fruits of their labour (and patience!) and boy, was it worth it!

While most pistachios on the supermarket shelves were harvested 2-3 years ago, the Senqu River Pistachios were harvested just weeks ago and in the case of pistachios freshness = flavour.

✓ 100% raw unsalted pistachios

✓ Locally grown in Prieska

✓ Non-GM

✓ Resealable 250g bag

✓ Vegan


How to use it:

Known as ‘green gold’ these special pistachios are best used in recipes that truly make their flavour and colour shine! Think homemade pistachio paste swirled through ice cream, sprinkled into granola, added into nougat or heroed in a cake. 

Storage instructions:

Store in the fridge or freezer to extend the shelf life of raw pistachios.

Try this delicious recipe:

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